Luggage Allowance
All guests are entitled to one medium sized luggage (30”x22”x15) per ticket. For comfort and safety purposes, we are unable to accommodate any luggage with dimensions exceeding this standard. In cases where specific guest(s) luggage exceeds this requirement, affected guests will be asked to either send the excess luggage via our waybill service.

We recommend the use of flexible traveling boxes on our buses. This is because some boxes are not only fragile but also difficult to manipulate which poses a challenge during luggage loading activities.

Owing to the embargo placed by the Nigeria Customs on the importation of some food commodities, kindly note that we do not carry bag(s) of rice on board our vehicles. Fragile items such as electronics, laptops and other valuable items are not to be placed in the trunk of our vehicles but carried as hand luggage.

Please note that hazardous materials such as but not limited to – gas cylinders (empty or with content), generators, building materials, fuel in gallons, agrochemicals, herbicides, pesticides; etc. are not permissible on our vehicles. Please contact ITCL Customer Service +234 (0) 8100450437 for conveyance of such items.

Guests are also advised to monitor their luggage till their final destination.

Pick-Up Service
Our pick up service is a safe point to point bus service for light travelers. Please note that a no-show without prior reschedule would render ticket void. Guests with luggage exceeding a small box will also be required to travel from the terminal.